High Sensitive Persons (=HSP) are often referred to as such because they are aware of their fellow people’s feelings. This “gift” can include the ability to “see behind people’s masks” but also futuristic prophecies (for example about a lost aircraft in the depths of the Amazonas which has been found due to such a “prophecy”). It is a fact that a HSP’s brain’s network differs from a Non-HSP brain. Therefore highsensitivity is seen as a genetic disposition to have a wide-ranged perception of feelings, atmospheres and noises. Scientists found out that approximately 20 % of mankind possess the brain of a HSP. It is believed that especially in the “old days” HSPs were needed to warn their tribe about forthcoming dangers. They often incorporated the “professions” of healers or counselors of the chief/king.

This sixth sense of the HSP can be a curse and a blessing at the same time. A curse because the HSP can’t control or stop it. A blessing because it offers a deep insight into one’s one soul and into the soul of your fellow mates. It also has its drawbacks: The HSP often overestimates the depths of the relationships it has with other people. This is due to the fact that the others often don’t correspond to the HSP’s deep and wide range of feelings. HSP often withdraw early  from crowds and parties because they need time to process the abundance of information they have perceived. To other people this may seem as a rejection of their company and therefore they often mistake a HSP for a “loner”. The real cause for being so frequently withdrawn lies in the overstimulations the HSP already sufferes from when his fellow mates are still “bored”. This overstimulation makes it hard for the HSP to be true to his word and keep his appointments at night for to have “an early night” is one way for the HSP to recover from the daily impressions and inner pictures.  Due to these colourful  inner pictures HSP are often very creative. Nearly effortlessly they are bound to express themselves in word, deed and pictures.  In some cases HSP overlapps with the so-called “high intelligence”. One reason why HSP need more time to process their impressions is that they think globally and always in a greater context. If in their daily life the HSP “stop” to take their “time out” they are as a consequence more prone to Burnout and depression.

HSP act intuitively and this also happens when it comes to reading the Manual of machines. In contrast to the USA and Switzerland the topic of highsensitivity has gained a certain interest only in  recent years. As a consequence many people don’t know that they are HSP but think of themselves as being weird. Since childhood they have noted that they are somehow “different” to others of their peer group. Parents’ remarques of this weirdness has led them to come to the conclusion of not only being “weird” but totally wrong in their behavior. Thus for many it is a relief to learn that they are only different because they are high sensitive and their brain functions differently. This realization enables them to look after themselves fairly better without judging themselves for being different. As the author is a HSP herself she wants to share this relief with other HSP and their relatives.

Written by Renate Weber