What is a burnout?

What is the difference between a burnout and a depression? Many people think that a burnout is the same as a depression. But there are a few differences between a burnout and a depression. A Burnout occurs due to certain experiences and processes in the world of work. It is often accompanied by depressions. Depressions can be caused by a traumatic experience or the memory of a traumatic event. However, some people may have inherited a disposition for depressions where other haven’t. So depressions can occur independently from all outer circumstances. Although men and women react differently when they are depressed the feeling itsself is the same. Women tend to cry more and isolate themselves more whereas men tend to get more irritated and aggressive. In a psychosomatical clinic it is the aim of therapy to integrate a trauma by approaching it step by step together with a therapist. This way it can be integrated into the patient’s feelings without “interrupting” his daily life any further. During therapy all patients learn some techniques of behaviour they can apply when they have a depression. Also they learn how be more in control of their thoughts to even prevent a forthcoming depression.  It is a fact that our inner strength and our bodily resistance are depending on our psychological well-being. Burnout does not reveal itself only by depressions but also by a lacking inner strength, also known as resilience. Frequent infections and other psychosomatic diseases are often a consequence of burnout. Learn how to overcome your burnout and your depressions and how to gain a new inner strength (resilience).