It seems to be a normal day for chief editor Mr Raffel. While editing an article on burnout he crosses out the fantasy figures that have helped a young woman to overcome her burnout. He is unaware of the upcoming change in his life: Fulna – the cheeky red dragonlady – hatches in his office. With her innocent questions she is prone to turn Mr Raffel’s world “upside down”. That way also his family learns about the dragonlady’s existence. At first the dragonbaby appears to be a tiresome duty to Mr Raffel. But after a while the chief editor realizes that he is lacking something in his successful and yet hectic life… A healing fairy tale for adults and children that is worth thinking about.

As paperback you can order “Fulna” at BOD or (ISBN: 9783741280108) for 7,99 Euro. It is also available in Spanish and French. For more information see:

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Written by Renate Weber