Octopus Kai

Hi there,

I am Kai, the nine armed octopus. You won’t notice me at first because I am able to camouflage: My skin color is of the army colors: green-yellow and brown. All in all I am real nice and a loyal octopus. Sometimes I get into trouble with my mates because of my spontaneous ideas. But then it is already too late… I am really quite fond of Anuschka, the fawn. But I would never admit that in public. That’s why I hide my fondness behind my cool jokes. At least that way the others can’t make fun of me and my Feelings.

All the three of us appear in Renate’s healing fairy tale. And here is how it all began: Renate started writing a book about herself and her family. Then the nightmares started and finally she couldn’t sleep at all. She became weaker and weaker. So she went to stay in a psychosomatic clinic. There, I appeared in her nightmare. Let’s just say that it was a rough beginning. The clinic director told her to write a healing fairy tale. That’s when events took their course. What the clinic director didn’t know was that one day we would appear in reality. And that is how our story is always changing and always will. Because it’s not only in the past but also in the present and in the future. But you will see that for yourself when you get to know us…