Healing Fairy tale

The Gestagata


-Alright, alright, Mrs Pilot! Are you working as stewardess and pilot at the same time? But really, we are no babycrabs anymore, we…

But he couldn’t finish his sentence. Something huge and black was coming down on them. Then they heard Fulna’s roar. She spat fire and hit the strange creature at his left wing. It looked like a flying dinosaur. Still it also had something of a crocodile flying around and about.

The lurking glance out of his blurred yellow eyes revealed a deep hatred and the will to kill. The creature had a green and black beak. Again and again he used it to attack Fulna’s flank. Blood came out of the wounds. Fulna roared, spat fire but then she stopped defending herself and began to descend. She seemed to have lost all her inner strength and sank deeper and deeper like a wounded bird.

Fulna, what happened? What kind of beast was that?; Kai and Anuschka asked simultaneously.

We need to make an emergency landing and search for a hide out. Otherwise no one will reach the Aenderland alive, Fulna said in a feeble voice. Her inner strength seemed to be broken and she seemed to know whom they had just encountered because her sapphire-blue eyes mirrored horror and an unutterable fear.

As the veldt came nearer, Anuschka looked up. And here something strange happened: All the pink, white and black clouds concentrated to a big watery head. His mocking clownface moved into a sneering laugh. It seemed to persecute them. The sardonic laugh kept ringing in Anuschka’s ears. Abruptly and with some small wounds they found themselves in a thorn bush.

Fulna, what kind of creature has emerged from the clouds?

Anuschka, You need to be very brave and confide in my decisions. There will be a time when I explain everything to you. But now I have to rest, I feel so empty, the dragon lady groaned. She laid her head on the sand. Anuschka and Kai were alarmed because Fulna had never behaved like this before. With her body being erect and one eye always open she had been always guarding them at night. But it was too late: Fulna had just stopped to maintain her inner strength.

She is bleeding from her flank, Kai exclaimed. Contrary to his normal behavior the octopus had become very serious.

Come on, Anusch, we have to dress the wound quickly to stop it from bleeding. And this here, Kai said pointing at the thorn bushes around them, doesn’t look like a paradise of blood donation for wounded dragons.

Don’t we have to take out the thorns out of the scales first?, Anuschka asked pensively.

That not so important now, Anuschka:

But where are we going?, the fawn asked confused.

We go looking for something to dress the wound. Come on now!, Kai tried to give Anuschka a reassuring push. But Anuschka noticed many sweat pearls on the octopus‘ forehead.

Highly indignant Anuschka said: –Easy for you to say that for your body is not covered with thorns.

-That’s enough Anuschka! Without Fulna we won’t make it through the Aenderland. So you better get moving!

They walked and walked. Darkness shielded them from their persecutors but it also left them without any orientation. . Thick fog patches came down on the barren landscape. The two companions could only make out the thin arms of the thorn bushes. As the wind was becoming stronger they shook heavily and seemed to point into the opposite direction.

Anuschka stumbled and often fell down. She wanted to complain to Kai about this difficult path when suddenly her feet touched something soft and wet.

Yuk!, Kai, what’s that?, Anuschka asked in a high pitched voice.