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Renate Weber, 34 years old and teacher of English, Spanisch and History at a vocational school, goes in search of her own roots. Trying to understand the roles of her female ancestors she starts writing an autobiography. But suddenly-after 10 years of teaching- she finds herself burnt out in a psychosomatic clinic. Here the shadows of her own past surface and mix with the different traumata of her family. Overwhelmed, Renate realizes that in her own life she is repeating a trauma that has been passed on from generation to generation. The clinic director therefore advises her to invent a healing fairy tale. Together with her newly invented characters Renate deals with her feelings of fear, shame and guilt. She is now “armed“ to confront them in order to find inner peace and the power of resistence (resilience). With this honest life story she wishes to encourage others to accept therapeutical help (for example in a psychosomatic clinic) to let go of the echos of the past.

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