What is motivation? And why is it that I am enthusiastic doing things one day while I can barely get up from the couch the other day? This is what I am going to discuss here now. My service dog Kalle is playing a key role not only concerning this question but also as my teacher in life. And then there are times when he seems to literally pull me through the day. Very often after a while “in tow”  something wonderful happens: I begin to see the beauty of nature. And my furry assistant is there too, having the time of his life. Like in this picture which I just call “the enlightened one”. It is this picture that reminds me how wonderful life can also be and that I have the strengths to master its ups and downs. This “enlightenment” helps me to rise to action. I don’t wait for “motivation” to come to me, I just start doing things. Also this is a lot easier than to endure my own lack of energy. This “lack of energy” seems to lurk behind my sofa when I originally wanted to get going with my tasks. But then I end up on the sofa and in front of my mobile phone. It is my service dog Kalle who interrupts these “couch potato sessions”: With his liveliness, his playfulness and his stubbornness. And- most of all: With our daily walks in nature. Nevertheless there are sometimes when I sense that I need a rest. Then I try not to force myself into doing my tasks but to do the things I enjoy most. This is also something I learned from my furry teacher: Doing the things I enjoy most restores my energy. I have learned not to beat myself up for doing “nothing” on these days but to accept it. Also I know that the next day I will have more power to get things done. I am grateful that my dog has taught me that. Every day he shows me that –unexpectedly- there is light coming through the clouds. This light works like magic on my own little world. These are the thoughts I wanted to share with you dear readers.

Written by Renate Weber