You can visit Fulna on You Tube at “Fulna Renate Renate”

Fulna is one of my healing fairy tales. While writing it I could heal myself. Now Fulna can also encourage others. I often feel like Fulna when I find myself in difficult situations. The dragon is shot at twice. When I was a teenager I often felt out of place. Somehow I knew that „there was something wrong“ with me and very often I just wanted to disappear out of shame. I have been sexually abused as a young girl. That is why I made this video: To free myself, to spread my wings and to encourage others. However, the first thing to do if you find out that you have been abused is to seek professional help at an organization. Here they have self-help groups and can also give you advice how to deal with these “old feelings” in the present. I have been to a psychosomatic clinic twice and it was there that I found my way back to my true self: By drawing, by writing and by connecting in nourishing relationships. To share my experiences I created my homepage and I wrote the healing fairy tale FULNA. Fulna has helped me to regain my inner strengths and my sense of humor. She stands for power and the joy of living, that lies behind all those scars most of us have. Five years ago my life had gone to bits and pieces. I wanted to know why it all happened. So I wrote down my history and the history of my family. But the constant writing imprisoned me in the old trauma again. I couldn’t sleep and my past seemed to encircle me. It therefore became the present. Soon I seeked help in a psychosomatic clinic. My diagnosis was: Burnout. Here I learned to deal with my inner “shadowy parts”. Kai the octopus is such an inner part that haunted me in recurring nightmares. First I resented him but then I gave him more loving attention and he changed from an aggressive monster into a great pal. Thus I described in my autobiography how I dealt with my inner parts in the clinic. I continued to write Fulna’s story as an adult dragon. Hence I entwined her story (the healing fairy tale) with my autobiography so I could heal myself. The autobiographic healing novel “Renate or the journey to the centre of the Self” was born. My positive development and the possibility to free oneself from old anxieties and unhealthy relationships is what I want to bring across with this Fulna video. And even if it is hard to continue finding your own path, I think it is worth it. Have a safe trip! Renate Weber

Written by Renate Weber