What is satisfaction?

Satisfaction for me is also to be grateful. To be grateful for the small things in life. And-to be thankful for a condition that has risen to consciousness by the corona crisis: health. When I was younger I believed that I could only be content if I had yet succeeded in achieving all my personal goals. Hence, since there is always something that doesn’t work too well or takes longer than planned, I was often not content and in peace with myself. Living like that I kept losing power and the joy of life because I couldn’t enjoy neither my success nor life itself. Without pausing I kept pursuing my goals, chasing them without never really getting anywhere steady. Because every time I had just reached an important goal, thoughts came to my mind of what I could improve and also do until everything was “perfect”. Today, I don’t believe that there is “a perfection” in life. At least not in the perfection I had in mind all those years. Even if I have had all the time of the world, there would have still been something I might have done better or different pursuing my projects. A wise man once said: “It is harder to improve an existing system than to create something totally new.” That’s what I remind myself of when I have the courage to finish a project and to declare the task as “completed”. And maybe all those things that didn’t go well in my life made me more generous with myself and other people. So that in fact, I am now more able to enjoy the small steps in my way to success. And this is what I wish you as well: thankfulness and contentment with the partial success in life. And with moments where you simply feel at ease with yourself.


Renate Weber

Written by Renate Weber