Burnout, Depression, Trauma


What makes our psyche ill? And what can we do about it? The next edition of GEO HEALTH (red cover) will appear on Wednesday 12th OCTOBER 2016.

Here comes the preview:

“lethargy, constant rumination and low spirits can be typical signs for a depression/burnout.


It lets us feel love and happiness, controls our thoughts and determines our behavior: the psyche. It is the core of our SELF and its health is the main condition to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

If our psyche suffers, our whole body is in danger. According to  EU-wide studies there isn’t any other illness that reduces our happy years as much as depression. Even the days of sick leave are constantly rising because of depression. Some scientist believe that depression is the biggest challenge of the 21st century. But in contrast to earlier years many people are ready to seek help with doctors and psychologists. And many psychological illnesses can be cured nowadays.

The next edition is about the most important illnesses of our soul. It answers to questions like: -What do scientist know about the causes for the burnout-syndrome/depression and trauma? Which therapies have been successful so far? And-moreover- what helps us to reduce stress, tension and to find inner peace during our everyday life?

The most important facts about our psyche, its illnesses and the possibilities to cure them in our next GEO HEALTH edition. The fourth edition of GEO HEALTH (red cover) will appear on Wednesday, OCTOBER 12th 2016.”


Written by Renate Weber