This is my family. They are very different (the guinea-pigs hide in caves under the ground, the dog hunts animals) but they give me a Feeling of being at ease and protected. It took some training (and a lot of dog cookies) to make them accept one another. I know that no animal can replace a human being. But since I have got these 3 animals I feel more at home in the world. I wonder less about People who have hurt me in the past because I spend my time outdoors, going for a walk with my dog and looking for herbs for my guinea-pigs. Like this I am more in contact with mother nature and other people. Also I am more generous with my Friends and other people because I feel less lonely. I am more Content with my own life and less dependent on what others do or don’t do. This is what I wanted to share with you, dear Readers.

Written by Renate Weber