When I travel to the Canary Islands I have the notion of reuniting two worlds inside me. The bliss of being alive and savouring the moment just as the islanders do and my manner to withdraw from the world ever so often come together. It reminds me of a medal with two different sides that are equally important and complete one another. Now- during Corona Crisis travelling has become more and more difficult. Plus it often includes being in quarantine and the risk of getting the virus. This makes me sad and at the same time I sense that this will still go on  for a while. But I know that –in my phantasy – I can also “travel” to the shore of the ocean. Brain scientists have found out that our brain doesn’t make a difference between “real travelling” and an imaginary journey. When I am on that kind of “journey” in my mind I picture myself paddling through the ocean on my surfboard taking the right way to drive me back to the shore. This is why I have drawn this picture: The two worlds – Spain and Germany – become one and also my personal reality. Of course I can’t “imitate” the encounters with the Spanish on my phantasy journeys. And maybe this is an important thing to notice: It shows how precious relationships and the interaction between humans is. It is not possible to “substitute” them completely by social media. These are my thoughts and my longing for travelling that I wanted to share with you in the sign of hope.